Winter Wonderland and its Demonic Legends – Kyoto’s Kibune Town

I’ve been waiting anxiously for snowy weather over here. This year’s winter in Kyoto, however, is mild and quite warm. There were only four snowy days, including the past weekend, this season. Downtown Kyoto was covered only with a thin, fragile layer of wet snow. But up in the North, there is a magical area called Kibune. (more…)

I’m going to Kyoto for a year!

Lucky origami cranes in Hiroshima by Prashant Ram on Flickr

Researching the World of the Flower and Willow has brought me a whole lot of mixed feelings, as well as several life opportunities. When I first started my little blog, back in 2011, I posted news from Kyoto for fun as I’ve never thought that anyone else could’ve been interested in the geisha community. It definitely wasn’t a fashionable topic, and usually, people were giggling when they found out what my passion is. That being said, I was in great shock when I noticed that things I write for myself (as a diary even!) are frequently read by more than 25 000 people from all over the planet.