Kyoto Sightseeing

Go on a tour through Kyoto with Geishakai

Are you planning to visit Kyoto and discover the magical world of geiko and maiko? I’ll gladly join you as your personal guide!

I’ve been studying the geisha culture for over 15 years and I currently reside in Kyoto. I work with geiko and maiko and visit the sacred Kyoto places on a daily basis. The Kyoto I want to show you is a little bit different than other guides’ itineraries. I include in my tours both classic, must-see sights, and hidden gems loved by the locals.

Every itinerary is carefully discussed with you and customized under your own preferences. I also care about the seasonality (which is utterly crucial here in Kyoto) and local festivities. My main focus is a respectful, sustainable, and conscious sightseeing. Therefore, there’s no place for a mindless photo hunting on my tours. Experience, respect, and artistry is the key to indulge in the unique atmosphere of ancient Kyoto.

Don’t worry about your stay in Kyoto if you don’t speak Japanese and don’t know the Japanese customs—I’m here to help you!

More details:

  • Pricing dependable on the route, length, and date;
  • Other Kansai cities (Nara, Osaka, Kanazawa, etc.) and Tokyo are also available;
  • Individual and small group tours.