Maiko Katsumomo and I, February 2019

Hello, I’m Mary (or Mari here in Japan), nice to meet you! I was born in Poland and I’ve been studying the geisha world for over 15 years. Right now I’m 27 and I live in Kyoto. I work with geiko and maiko every day. I’d like to show you their culture and lives here on my website.

I’ve started Geishakai on Tumblr back in 2011. I was a bit frustrated that, for the tourists, geiko and maiko were only considered as the pretty faces and mysterious creatures from a fairytale. I really wanted to spread the word and connect their faces with names. It’s still quite important for me—every geisha has an interesting personality and story to share.

I was very surprised when the number of international Geishakai followers peaked over 30,000. I made a big decision then to move the blog to an independent server and start writing longer articles. And I enjoy writing very much!

Beside geiko and maiko, I focus on the culture, social issues, science, and art. I’m an Economics and Management graduate (finished my studies in Belgium), as well.

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