Tea Ceremony with Maiko in Kyoto

Maiko Masano of Gion Higashi during the tea ceremony at Maikoya Kyoto

Maikoya Kyoto offers a unique service lately—a tea ceremony with maiko from Gion Higashi, Kamishichiken, and Miyagawacho districts. You can wear a kimono during the performance and even make your own tea by yourself. There’s also a possibility to see a traditional nihonbuyo dance from a very short distance. And last but not least… try challenging a maiko in traditional drinking games.

Maiko Fukuna of Miyagawacho playing “Konpira Fune Fune” with the guests of Maikoya

What is more, you can ask the maiko some questions and take photos of them and with them. The whole process of making tea is explained carefully.

Maiko Masano preparing tea in the ryurei style

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Maiko Fukuna at Maikoya Kyoto